Coffee-pot and milk jug from the 'CAMPDEN' range

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Coffee-pot and milk jug from the 'Campden' range, stainless steel with turned wood handles placed at right angles to the spout, the lids with turned wood knobs, the coffee-pot with strainer behind the spout. The handle of coffee-pot placed to the right of the spout, that of the jug to the left, so that they can be poured together, one in each hand.

Designed by: Robert Welch 

Age : 1957

DimensionsDiameter: Diameter: 9.40 cm (base, both pot & jug) (base, both pot & jug)Height: Height: 18 cm (coffee pot with lid) (coffee pot with lid)Height: Height: 13 cm (coffee pot without lid) (coffee pot without lid)Height: Height: 18.50 cm (jug with lid) (jug with lid)Height: Height: 13.50 cm (jug without lid) (jug without lid)Length: Length: 19.40 cm (maximum with handle, both pot & jug) (maximum with handle, both pot & jug)

The range won a Design Centre Award in 1958. Welch's stainless steel designs for Old Hall were mostly intended for use in the catering industry, and this explains the identical coffee and hot milk jugs with opposing handles, to enable both liquids to be poured together when serving.