Italian Owl - Bitossi Rimini Blue no49 Bird Deformation Ceramic Ornament Pottery

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 Bitossi Pottery Rimini Blu Aldo Londi Italian Studio Blue Glazed Ceramic Owl. The design inspiration is said to be taken from the Adriatic sea, off the coast of Rimini in Italy and hence the series name 'Rimini Blu'. The glaze and the series - which subsequently grew from it, has become iconic and the most highly collectable in Aldo Londis' work. The geometric decor is very tactile, with shapes and lines being embossed into the clay during the crafting process. The glaze displays strokes of green and blue, the great blend of glossy smooth glaze is interspersed with coarse grit in the clay. This work of art would suit a room with Modernist, Brutalist, Retro / Vintage themed decor. After World War II, master ceramist Aldo Londi (1911-2003) became the creative director of Bitossi Ceramiche, a position he held for more than 50 years. Londi apprenticed in ceramics at the young age of 11 and brought a deep expertise in traditional ceramics production to Bitossi. He’s best known for his 1950s-era collection, this Rimini Blu (1955-1965). This iconic mid-century modern series contains over 150 designs, including bowls, vases, jugs and animal figurines, all glazed in a vibrant blue hue and embossed with abstract motifs and shapes.

Has a few light nibbles 

CONDITION New SIZE Tall (head to base) ~ 14,5 cm (5.7") Long (tail to trunk) ~7,5 cm (3") Width (across widest point) ~ 5,5 cm (2,2" )